Besides research, I have a passion for teaching, although I have only been a teaching assistant. My TA experiences have been across multiple courses at both the CS and Stats departments at the University of Toronto: CSC108 (Introduction to Programming), CSC165 (Mathematical Expression and Reasoning), CSC207 (Software Design), CSC343 (Introduction to Databases), STA238 (Probability, Statistics and Data Analysis).

Suppose you happened to be one of the students who I TAed. Feel free to give me some feedback!

    Feedback from previous students

    Reflecting on my time in CSC165, my first encounter with Pan during an office hour stands out as a pivotal moment, though I had no inkling then of the profound impact he would have on me. As a TA in my CS courses, Pan has been nothing short of phenomenal. His patience seems boundless, and he possesses this remarkable knack for demystifying complex concepts, making them accessible and engaging. He’s always meticulous in ensuring that we grasp the material fully and is generous with his insights and tips for learning. Beyond his teaching prowess, Pan’s approach-ability and genuine care for his students’ success have made a lasting impression on me. I’m truly grateful for the opportunity to have learned from him and consider myself fortunate to have had him as a TA.

    CSC165 at UTSG (2022 Winter)

    Hey! I was just searching you up and happened to land on your site. Not sure if we will ever meet again in future courses, but just wanted to say a massive Thank You for being my TA in CSC207! Our project, the Database Searcher one if you still remember, couldn’t got to work if it wasn’t for your invaluable support during each single tutorial. And remember that student with a never-ending list of questions every class? You might be interested to know that she was also in my MAT137 class last year and our prof got sooo irritated by her 😂😂😂 But somehow your patience never seem to worn out even with her and you should know this is amazing. I can’t if I was you 😂 (Speaking of this, have you ever thought about teaching more? Do consider that!) Best, MC

    CSC207 at UTSG (2023 Fall)

    Pan always gave thorough and detailed explanations for my questions. He is very patient.

    CSC207 at UTSG (2021 Fall)

    Hey Pan! You are one of the greatest TAs I’ve ever had. Patient, supportive, and always avilable for help. I really appreciate what you have done to help us succeed in CSC207. Our team was all new to Java at the start of the course. A big big thank you for walking us through concepts and giving suggestions whenever we were stuggling. I appreciate your support and everything you’ve taught us.

    CSC207 at UTSG (2021 Fall)

    Pan is the most patient and helpful TA that I’ve ever met. I had an opportunity to work under him on an online chatting system project during CSC207 last semester. His expertise and patience are really priceless. When I was struggling on how to update the messages simultaneously on the system, he instructs me to use MongoDB and ignited our project. This was illustrative of his visionary approach. His commitment and the art of making difficult ideas sound simple in the plainest language actually helped improve our work and my understanding. I was particularly grateful for his support and the motivation that he cast in my learning trajectory.

    CSC207 at UTSG (2023 Fall)