I had received calls from Amazon drivers asking if I would like my packages delivered for months, and today I finally fixed this issue

For months, I had received calls from Amazon drivers asking me if I would like my packages. “Of course”, I would always tell them. But still, I was wondering why this happened so frequently.

Until probably two months ago, I asked the Amazon driver why you always asked me this question. I thought it was their fault. But he told me, “you left an instruction saying you want the order cancelled, please not deliver the item”.

Well, it came to my mind that, yes, I did leave such instruction for an order. I didn’t notice that this instruction was saved and used for all future orders.

But now I think it makes sense, it is the instruction for the delivery at this address – the address doesn’t change, neither does the instruction.

Procrastinated for two months, I finally remembered to erase this instruction.


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