Migrating from Zoho Mail to iCloud+

I stopped using Zoho Mail last night after being a Zoho customer for nearly six years, and migrated to iCloud+ custom domain email. Zoho mail is affordable and had been providing me with a stable email hosting solution. I started with the free plan and the moved to paid subscription which only cost me ~15 canadian dollars.

Why I moved to iCloud+ custom domain email is that it’s basically free to me because I am subscribing to iCloud+. It saves me 15 bucks a year. I don’t recall if Zoho has a cap for the number of domain aliases, but iCloud+ custom domain does, limiting the number of domain aliases to Five Domains in my case (not sure if a higher iCloud+ plan gives more aliases, I am with 2TB plan). As for the email address aliases, I haven’t reached the cap yet.

I am not running a business, so some features by Zoho are not necessary. For the domains that exceed the maximum number of domain aliases, I used CloudFlare email routing to forward the emails automatically to my now iCloud emails (I have many email aliases for receiving different types of emails but I don’t use them all to send, thus forwarding is sufficient).


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