Not able to transfer my domain away from Squarespace – not able to receive transfer auth code

My domain was registered in Google Domains. However, all domains registered in Google Domains will eventually be migrated to Squarespace. My domain was migrated to Squarespace on May 28 this year.

I didn’t want my domain in Squarespace, so when the day came, I started to transfer my domain away from Squarespace. However, the process didn’t go through – I could not get the email containing the transfer auth code. My email on file was a Gmail.

I was trying to reach out to the Squarespace Support. I did manage to chat with them, but they were not really helpful. They said they would work on a fix on this problem, but they could not promise me or share with me personally when I might be able to get the transfer auth code.

I googled myself – some people had the same issues and said it was because their emails were somehow on the blacklist. I guessed it might be because I was using a Gmail, and my Gmail was associated with the old Google Domains, which might have stopped the transfer auth code from being sent.

I then changed my email on file to my university email. I requested the auth code again. This time, after ~3 hours (note that with other registrars the auth codes were usually sent instantly to me, including Google Domains), I got the auth code. Interestingly, it was sent from Google Domains, not Squarespace.

Then I transferred my domain to NameCheap.


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  1. My domain is still visible in Squarespace now! Although the registration information is loading, loading, and loading..

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