Personal Website Redesigned

From HTML+CSS+JavaScript, to Vanilla PHP,

From Vanilla PHP, to Laravel,

From Lravel, BACK to WordPress.

Hello everyone, my personal website is redesigned, and now it is powered by WordPress, the most popular CMS (Content-Management-System) in this world.

As someone who has been playing around WordPress for more than four years, and has been using WordPress for technology blog (, I am more than happy to move my Personal Website to this platform.

The migration was easier than what I expected. Below is the list of key features that my personal website has:

  1. Language Support for English, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese.
  2. Highly responsive and customizable resume page.
  3. Travel map.

Every item is well reserved in this WordPressified Pan Chen’s Personal Website:

  1. Language Support: I used the native WordPress multisite feature, and wrote JavaScript to give the visitors the right version.
  2. Highly responsive and customizable resume page: I utilized WordPress’s built-in custom template feature. I copied most of the code for the resume page, and it works out perfectly. It is also easy to modify my online resume without touching the HTML code since Gutenberg editor allows us to add Additional CSS Class(es) to the blocks, and my CSS for the resume file is just good enough to handle the rest.
  3. Travel map: there is not much to say about it, just imported the right JavaScript & CSS files in the right WordPress way, everything is good.


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