Smart Lock – What I love most about my Samsung Devices

Have been using a Samsung smartphone for nearly one year and a half, a feature I love most is not anything fancy but Smart Lock.

This is not the Smart Lock that I installed at my front door – it’s for unlocking the smartphones.

In short, it automatically keeps the devices unlocked in certain scenarios, for me, I set it up as follows:

  1. I am in my house (it’s not always accurate unfortunately), OR
  2. My device is connected to my Galaxy Buds Pro, OR
  3. My device is connected to my Galaxy Watch 4

The last two are very accurate and reasonable. If I am wearing buds or a watch, I no longer need to unlock the screen manually.

When I am going to buy a new phone this year or next year, I will do some research if the new smartphone has something similar. This is the feature I love most.


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