Get UofT Access

A Chrome extension that automatically redirects webpages to with one-click. Save people’s time! It may take people 5 seconds to 10 seconds to copy and paste in the address bar, but now it is just one click.

Get UofT Access

More Background:

For many papers we find online, they are not free or are login-required. For instance, this one from ACM digital library at

A Paper in ACM digital library

However, UofT library mirrors a great number of websites, including ACM digital library, and grants access to the UofT community.

For example, UofT library mirrors this page at If you are a UofT student, you get access to that paper using this link.

And there is a pattern in the URL conversion. This extension does this job for you. You don’t need to convert the URL yourself, all you need is one-click.

The extension is published in Chrome web store: Click here to add it.


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