Self Ramen Bar in Toronto

I have been suggested multiple times by YouTube about the Self Ramen Bar in Korea. I was impressed because that’s something I had never done before, until today.

I was heading to my favourite rice noodle restaurant – Fudao Ricenoodle. But I felt a little cold because I didn’t wear my jacket. I saw “Self Ramen Bar” just right across the street. I knew there was a “Ramen Bar” but I had never noticed “Self”. At that moment I realized the bar was probably the “Self Ramen Bar” on YouTube.

So, I went there. Ordered a Shin Ramyun. It was more delicious than when I cooked it at home – the added toppings of chicken breast were great too.

The only difference from the Self Ramen Bar on Youtube was that there were two workers there, probably because it’s something new in Canada. They were quite friendly and helpful, improving the overall experience. I wish there was a way to give tips!


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