Why do I think it is not a good idea to record every meeting?

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It’s important to talk defensively, just like to drive defensively.

Recording every meeting, as I had personally experienced due to a requirement, doesn’t equate to the effective preservation of information, contrary to popular belief.

In fact, I am of the opinion that it is not a beneficial practice. The rationale behind recording meetings is often to maintain a record or archive of discussions and decisions.

However, based on my experience, this method doesn’t necessarily lead to better information retention or utilization. Instead, I believe that it may not be the most effective or positive approach to managing meeting content.

  1. When we record every meeting, it’s just like keeping all the items in your room – you will never be able to find out what’s most important when you need to do so.
  2. Recording every meeting can inadvertently lead to information misinterpretation which results in rumours.
    • When individuals become accustomed to their conversations being recorded, they tend to communicate less cautiously, not guarding their words as they might in a non-recorded setting.
    • This casual approach to communication can be problematic when others review lengthy meeting recordings. Listeners often selectively hear what aligns with their preconceptions or interests, neglecting the broader context of the conversation. This selective listening can lead to misunderstandings and misinterpretations of what was actually said, potentially giving rise to rumours and misinformation. In essence, the convenience of recording every meeting may paradoxically contribute to communication breakdowns rather than clarity.

But I agree that recording “important” parts of a meeting is very useful.

  1. It’s much easier for people to organize the recordings.
  2. Aware of the recording taking place, individuals can speak in a more guarded and cautious manner.
  3. Since individuals typically don’t review the entire recording, it’s simpler to insert context, thereby reducing room for misinterpretation and rumours.
    • We can’t change the fact that some people misinterpret on purpose, but we can help people who don’t intend to do so.


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  1. 好脑子不如烂笔头,个人感觉会议记录还是需要的

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