Pan Chen

I am a graduate student in Computer Science at the University of Toronto.

I have background in machine learning, human-computer interaction, and data analysis.

Computational Creativity

I recently shifted my research interests to Computational creativity, particularly for scientific discoveries, after realizing the potential of creative AI scientists in a closed-loop experiment. I believe that understanding AI/Human creativity is crucial to AGI.

Human-Computer Interaction

I am grateful to have the opportunity to spend a year as a graduate research assistant at the DGP lab at the University of Toronto. I did research in HCI in computer science education. I am very proud to have won the XPrize Digital Learning Challenge with a wonderful team.

Although my research focus is not HCI anymore, HCI is still significant to my research, and believe a co-creativity architecture exists that can boost the creativity of both AI and humans.

Computer Science Education

Fortunately, I have TAed multiple CS/Stats courses at the University of Toronto. I also developed two software for teaching purposes, a voice reflection system for a database course, and a demo API service for a software design course, which have been used by more than 1000 students. I enjoy teaching and helping students succeed beyond their courses. Please see some feedback from my previous students at:

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